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Key Statistics

Size of site: 56 acres (22.7 hectares)

Number of residential units: 262 units

Site Density: 11.5 units per hectare

Residential mix: 124 houses and 134 apartments

Heights: Houses are 1 storey to 3 storeys and Apartment buildings 2.5 to 4 storeys.

Community Space in Mansion House: 980 sq m (10,554 sq ft)

Car parking spaces: 490 spaces (111 of these are underground)

Cycle Parking: 525 spaces

Open Space: Public access to 30 acres (the size of 17+ football pitches)

Trent Park Proposed Residential Mix:


Public Access to the Mansion House

Trent Park Museum CGI

Our ambition is to create a museum within part of the Mansion House to celebrate the site's exceptional history. We propose bringing this to life in an immersive and theatrical exhibition, using high quality audio visual techniques to make a unique and memorable experience. The priority is to find a long-term, viable solution in terms of visitor numbers, revenue and running costs.

The Museum space will be combined with a café and hireable event space for the local community, new residents, corporate entities and learning groups. These will be important revenue streams to cover the operational costs and updating of the museum content over the years to come. This dedicated community use space will include the most historically significant areas of the Mansion House on part basement and ground floor equating to 10,554sqft (980sqm). Access to both the rear and east terrace will be included.

A Trent Park Museum Trust is in place, who will take on a lease of the museum space and operate it in the long term. The museum and cafe will be open all year around (according to the terms of the lease). Berkeley are thankful for the contribution of the Trent Park Museum Trust who has worked closely with us to create an opportunity for a museum to celebrate the site's exceptional history.

Our Vision for Trent Park


Mansion Daffodil Lawn Site Photo

Mansion North Lawn Site Photo

Mansion North Lawn Site Photo Side view

Lime Tree Avenue Site Photo

Dew Pond Site Photo

Oak Walk Site Photo

Daffodil Lawn Site Photo

Gubby Park Site Photo


Mansion Daffodil Lawn Perspective View

Mansion North Lawn Perspective View

Mansion North Lawn Perspective Side View

Lime Tree Avenue Perspective View

Dew Pond Perspective View

Oak Walk Perspective View

Daffodil Lawn Perspective View

Gubby Park Perspective View