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At the Berkeley Group quality comes first. It influences everything we do - from the land we purchase through to the materials we build with. Our homes and developments are designed to enhance the neighbourhoods in which they are located. We achieve this through excellence in design, sensitive landscaping, sympathetic restoration and impeccable standards of sustainability. We aim to address the needs not only of our customers, but also their neighbours and the broader community. Green living and sustainable development are top of our agenda. We are committed to reducing energy, water and waste on our construction sites, in our offices and in the homes that we build.

Our driving aim is to create exceptional places for people to live, work and relax in, and establish communities that will thrive today and for years to come. At the Berkeley Group, the same degree of thought that goes inside our homes also goes into the open spaces, landscaping and public realm we create. We always look for ways to integrate new buildings and open spaces into the existing community. We see our role as building real places, not just developments. Our developments are located in places that easily connect with the world around them - whether that be easy transport links or wide pedestrian thoroughfares. Most importantly, they are places where people can socialise and relax while enjoying their own private space.

For 40 years, hard work, entrepreneurial spirit and relentless passion for good design have been the foundations of The Berkeley Group's success. We are focused on what our customers tell us they want - well-chosen locations, attention to place making and establishing new, vibrant communities. This approach is evident in each of our developments. Sustainability is at the heart of the Berkeley Group. Our single biggest contribution is to create new places that grace their surroundings and will stand the test of time. The environmental performance of each site is monitored tightly and we publish independent research measuring our social and economic impact.

Heritage Case Studies

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Berkeley Foundation

The Berkeley Foundation was set up in 2011 by the Berkeley Group in March 2011. It is a registered charity that supports young people and their families in the communities in which Berkeley works.

The Foundation focuses on making a difference in four key areas: developing people's skills, helping them secure a job, ensuring they can have a home, and supporting people to live positively with illness or disability.

In its first four years, the Foundation has committed £6.7 million to more than 70 charities and worthy causes. These range from in-depth Strategic Partnerships with programmes like Street Elite and charities like Shelter and Crisis, to smaller scale partnerships with the local Designated Charities chosen by staff in our offices and sites.

Social Sustainability

Berkeley define social sustainability as being about people's quality of life and creating strong communities now and in the future, with respect and consideration for local people, the workforce and our customers. Social sustainability is considered through every aspect of our business from the places that Berkeley create through to the operations and the work with the supply chain. Further details can be found here.

10 Facts about The Berkeley Group

  1. Between 2010 and 2015, we built a total of 16,921 homes. This includes over 6,000 affordable homes and 10.9% of all the new affordable homes in London. 
  2. Berkeley supported a total of 21,000 jobs across the UK in 2014.
  3. Over 700 young people are in structured training across the Berkeley Group. 
  4. Berkeley has been ranked Britain's most sustainable major house builder for the last 8 years in a row. 
  5. 58% of our homes are supplied with energy from low carbon or renewable technologies. 
  6. We currently have a Net Promoter score for customer service higher than First Direct and the same as Apple. 
  7. Berkeley has contributed £416 million to local communities via Section 106 payments in the last five years. This pays for new schools, parks, shops, transport and other public amenities. 
  8. We measure people's quality of life in the places we build. In Woodberry Down for example, overall life satisfaction scores 90% - the UK average is 60%. 
  9. Over £7 million has been raised by the Berkeley Foundation for over 70 charities since 2011. Berkeley's staff have raised over £2m. 
  10. In the year end 30 April 2015, Berkeley made pre-tax profits of £454.5million. Berkeley has never made a loss since we were first listed on the stock exchange in 1984.

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