Trent Park, Enfield

Protecting the Heritage of Trent Park

In September 2015, Berkeley acquired the former Middlesex University Trent Park Campus site which has been vacant for over 4 years. The site sits within the wider Trent Park, and we have acquired the private estate which surrounds the Mansion House and its affiliated buildings of the former University.

Our long term vision for the site is a strong, integrated community where people know one another and welcome the public to enjoy the safe and beautiful setting, where every detail is designed to the highest quality. Residents and visitors will stay and contribute to the rich history and share the tranquil open spaces.

Our Proposals:

  1. Restore and refurbish the Mansion House to its former glory
  2. Open up the setting of the Green Belt and Mansion House by removing c.255,000 sq ft of 1960s/70s former university buildings 
  3. Enable public access for the first time in its history to the Mansion House with a long-term sustainable museum, café and events space 
  4. A landscape-led masterplan that restores 30 acres of historic landscape, including Lime Tree Avenue and Wisteria Walk
  5. Provide long term public access across an ungated site with 3.5km of walking/cycling routes 
  6. Restore and re-use c.60,000 sq ft of built heritage assets
  7. Provide a courtesy shuttle bus to/from Oakwood Station which would be open to the public along with other transport initiatives
  8. Secure the long term viable future of the site through the delivery of 262 homes that are sensitively located and contextually appropriate to the setting


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